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In my previous blog I had spoken about solitude, how it is a bliss in disguise and also I had outlined a little about self time. Have you ever heard about the concept of bliss of solitude? Have you ever tried spending time with yourself? Are you happier alone? You need to know the difference between loneliness and solitude. How they both are different. Once that difference is cleared in your minds, you are good to go.


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Is spending time with self so hard? While we tag self time as surfing through internet or chatting or texting then let me make this clear that there again you are simply spending time with someone else on the other side of the phone and again that is not called self-time. If you are tagging self time as spending hours watching TV or unnecessary sleeping then that time is also getting wasted.

I am amazed by the fact that people sometimes do not know what they want for themselves. They are so messed up in this web of technology that they are much into. How hard it has become for us to be alone with our own self even for a few minutes. Most of us do not know how to be happier alone. We are terrified to be alone. We are always in search of someone to spend time with. Someone to feel happy with.

We are not happy alone because that is something that we have fear of. Fear of solitude. Fear of being alone. Fear that we all need to overcome in order to live peacefully.

No one is saying to leave everyone and start living alone. All that it means is to know how important it is to spend some time with your own soul. Self learning, self healing, self awakening or one must say spiritual awakening.

Solitude enriches our inner self. When we want richness in the outer world, all that we need to do is to make few changes internally. Those changes will be happening only when we indulge time in working on them. Our actions are actually the reactions to somebody else’s actions. Our thought process is the reflection of what incidents on us. That is why far apart from all the disturbances or distractions that the thoughts of others create around you, you have to be the guest of your own solitude. Help your soul heal. Become its voice.

Instead of getting bored by feeling lonely, be the partner of your lone self today. Some leisure time with your own self is also important. For eg.,

  • Grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and sip it with your own ‘self’ today. Having chit-chats with your own self. May be with that you will get the lost piece of happiness. 
  • Simply gazing at the night sky finding out the brightest star or the dimmest one.
  • Taking a stroll in your garden on the bare grass, feeling the softness of the grass, removing all the dried out leaves or watering the plants, observing the beauty of flowers and the greenery around.
  • Sitting with your favorite book and getting lost in the world where it takes you. The key to self awakening is to open a good book everyday. It will surely teach you something or the else.
  • Meditating or focusing and opening the path of self awakening.
  • Penning down your thoughts and feelings somewhere as I am doing right now. It is the best way to know yourself.

These are all the part of spending quality time with your own self. Your soul will thank you from its core. You will feel more alive, fresher and wiser. To stand out from others in this world where there are a lot out there like you, you have to work on yourself. Work on your personality, work on your mental health. Educate your own self. Learn how to control your own thoughts and emotions. How to direct your directionless self. Self time amplifies your interactions with others. It boosts your personality as it helps letting you know about your flaws and correcting them. When you become conscious of your own thoughts, your actions become wiser. You are more attentive in doing what you are doing. You become more empathic towards others. You become more responsible and confident. Self time is the reflection on life. Everyday we accumulate several thoughts, keep accumulating till a heap is created out of it. Now we need to de-clutter all that we have accumulated. We have to assort them. In my office there are a certain number of days which have been allotted for certain tasks, like for rack arrangement it is Wednesday. So every Wednesday all the employees have to arrange there files and documents manner wise as described in the set of rules. Isn’t it necessary? Certain rules are necessary. We need to assort all that we have heaped up in our minds which is slowly blocking the path of consciousness. It is confusing us. We are unable to understand what is important and what is not. We are unable to judge our feelings and all through we remain confused. There should be the easy flow of information. There should not be any blockages in the mind. After working for rest of the whole day, allot some self-time to your own self.

Sometimes be alone to be happy. Know the real bliss of solitude. Find the answers of “Who am I.”

Steal some moments of lone time to recharge your weary self. Focus on your present today to be more clearer about your future.



Garima Dixit


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