It’s time for a sabbatical: Taking a sabbatical- A much needed one

It’s time for a sabbatical: Taking a sabbatical- A much-needed one

Can you call your Sunday a sabbatical? Do we have a day in a week reserved for the most important work in life—Self care?


Yes, heard it right. Take a few days or at least a day off from whatever your jobs or businesses are to take care of your self-body, mind & soul.

We neglect this most of the time. While Sundays are reserved for an outing, shopping for clothes/ groceries having family time, or going to the parlor. But what exactly are we supposed to do? how much time are we investing in ourselves? Not speaking over here of self-obsession.



Sabbatical simply means taking a day or a few days off of work for recreation and self-rejuvenation. Its the time that you invest in something that you love other than what your job is.



taking a sabbatical




Let’s know why taking a sabbatical is necessary and how it helps:






Heal yourself from your older wounds. wounds that you are scrapping off every day. piercing your soul more than your body. It’s time to open your mind and enrich it with all good thoughts — rich thoughts, green thoughts


It’s not always being the same. Humans are made to adapt to their environment. It’s time that you transit from your old self to a new self, remove what is unnecessary and inculcate what should be there.


Transition is not done to change who you are. Your basic soul remains the same. What changes in the way you react towards any outer force? With be yourself tagline, it is emphasized to be yourself but at the same time work on enhancing your positives. We all have a pure, loving, and basic self – We pollute it sometimes with negative thoughts like jealousy, anger, hatred, disgust, mistrust, or wrongdoings.

When a child is born, he/she is born with a pure body, mind, and soul. In the process of growing up, the environment starts shaping up the body, soul, and mind. A child learns from the environment few of the habits are genetic but most of them are adaptive. Then there is something that calls instinct— something that all of us have. We have to work on that core, that’s our foundation over which other things are made. We don’t have to lose that foundation. 

Your body is your temple: Your soul has been given a body as a cover for it. Your soul was always there, this body is a cover that has been given to cover your body, to take care of it. Eat healthily, detoxify it, do intermittent fasting, and whatever good you have heard or read about it.


Reflect upon yourself- on your thoughts. ideas and instincts. More than worrying about the world just worry about your soul from getting polluted. Start practicing meditation. Meditation connects you with your inner self. It takes you to the deeper realms of your soul and you learn more about yourself.


Writing about your thoughts is one of the greatest things somebody can do by taking his/ her time out be it a sabbatical. Writing heals. To me writing is godly. It takes me to a place where my soul wants to be a place of peace.


Doesn’t that give you happiness? Getting involved with things that you love the most? What is your favorite pastime? Playing chess, singing, writing, or whatever it is. It is just given that activity a few hours of the day if not every day then at least every week. At least a day you can call your sabbatical. 

An excerpt from Robin Sharma’s “Who will cry when you die?”:

The real problem lies in the fact that in this age of global anxiety we do not get enough relief from stress. So to revitalize yourself and nourish the deepest part of you, plan for a weekly period of peace- a weekly sabbatical- to get back to the simpler pleasures of life, pleasures that you may have given up as your days grew busier and your life more complex. bringing this simple ritual into your weeks will help you reduce stress, connect with your more creative side and feel far happier in every role of your life.


Love and Light

The Pendulum Of Life♥


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