I believe, I still believe – Belief makes things happen





I still BELIEVE there will be a better TOMORROW

Which would WELCOME us with warm arms

I still believe there will be a BETTER world

Where LOVE has a place to stay

Belief is that there are a lot many CHANGES to happen

What remains the same should be the FEELINGS

Belief says that our MINDS become free of the grudges we are holding of sorrow

I still believe the SUN will be brighter tomorrow.




BELIEF makes things happen

And I still believe that my WINGS will have a better sky tomorrow

I still believe in ANGELS

And I have FAITH that the angels

will overcome the DEMONS in me tomorrow

The GOLDEN INK in which I am writing today

And I believe that the ink finds its GALAXIES to paint tomorrow.




There are a lot many beliefs to FULFIL

Beliefs that are worth BELIEVING

Belief is faith and faith is what I hold in GOD

Only I can stop myself and nobody has the POWER to do that to me.

I am becoming the LIGHT I am searching for.

I believe, I STILL believe.




Written By

Garima Dixit


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