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Welcome to The Pendulum Of Life, your number one source of inspiration and motivation. This blog will take you in the depths of self-realization and self-empowerment to have a meaningful and dignified LIFE.

There are two extremes of a Pendulum. Where one extreme end is your success, happiness, fortune and highs the other is your failure, sadness, pain and lows. The larger the pull of one end the farther it will swing to the other. It is all about risking and getting out of your comfort zone. But all we are trying to do is to settling somewhere in the middle like the pendulum. We all are seeking stability in life but to attain that stability we have to push our limits. The harder you try the farther you will reach. 

life is the most beautiful thing that has happened to us. Rest everything follows. Never take this life and the precious things in life for granted. Fall in love with yourself if you want to attain success in life. And to fall in love with yourself you have to know your soul. We don’t just have to exist we have to live.

Read about all the aspects of life in this blog. Read everyday if you want to fall in love with your Life. Get Inspired and inspire others.

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Garima Dixit

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